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She Didn't Have Anyone To Go Sightseeing With So She Took Her Uber Driver Her

Natasha Philip was in Egypt for work and she finally had some time to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids! She didn't have anyone to see them with so she asked her Uber...
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This Cat Went From Just Catching Mice To Being Promoted To Pest Control Manager

Felix used to be a normal cat until he turned nine months old and was brought to an England train station so he could catch the mice. After five years of service Felix became the official pest...
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Jay-Z Doesn't Know What Snapchat Is!

Out of all the things that went viral during the Super Bowl, the most awkward one was the Snapchat video that Usher took with Bey and Hov. Beyonce is always camera ready and is smiling during the...
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Intern Falls Asleep And Becomes Internet Famous!

On his second day at his new internship, Eduard Paraschiveschu unintentionally took a 25 minute nap and his co-workers decided to take a picture with their new sleeping intern. After the picture...
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Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine Recreate Our Favorite Sports Movies

Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine stopped by the "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and under seven minutes managed to recreate our favorite sports movies. From "Bring It On" to "Rocky...
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Mom vs. Triplets + A Toddler = Adorable Viral Video!

Watch this supermom trying to get her four young kids ready for bedtime and they don't make it easy for her. She shows how all you need is just a little patience.   //...
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VIDEOS: Place Your Super Bowl Bets

// Soooooo, there are a ton of random things that you can bet on during Super Bowl 50! Maxwell & his interns decided to make their picks. Find out what the loser has to do!...
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The Super Bowl 50 Drinking Game That You NEED To Play!!!

Now that Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday, the inevitable is happening: Drinking games are starting to surface the internet!!! Sports Illustrated just released Extra Mustard's Super Bowl 50 Drinking...
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Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral!

Noela Rukundo crashed her own funeral days after her husband sent a group of hit men to kill her. The hit men told her they weren't going to kill her because they didn't believe in...
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Kim and Kanye's House Got Tagged!

Kim and Kanye received phone calls on Wednesday morning from concerning neighbors and security guards telling them that their house has been vandalized. Their stone entrance had "I [heart]...
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