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Tortoise Sex At New York's Fashion Week!

These two African turtles were part of designer Mathieu Mirano's fashion show in New York and decided to have impromptu sex during the show! Watch this model trying to hold her laugh as one...
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This Cover of Rihanna's Work Is All You Needed & More!!

We've been obsessing over "Work" by Rihanna & Drake for the past two weeks even though we didn't get the lyrics right until just now! This cover changes the lyrics a little and adds another...
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A Guy Spent A Year Throwing Eggs To His Unsuspecting Mother

A British guy, Jamie, threw eggs at his unsuspecting mom for over a year. The best part is that she was good at catching all of them! 
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Real-Life Mario Kart Race In A Mall!

A group of adults dressed as our favorite Mario Kart characters and took the race inside a mall in London. The shoppers seemed amused as the tiny cars sped through the mall. The racers even...
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Random Underwear Trivia Just In Time for Valentine's Day

I have a few pair of TommyJohn undies and I gotta say, they're hella comfy! Just in time for Valentine's Day, they came up with this wacky study that shows a lot about what's under our clothes (if...
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Uber Will Deliver Lingerie On Demand Valentine's Day

If you live in the New York City area and are stuck looking for lingerie this Valentine's Day, Uber is here to rescue you. For the record, we all know that it's a contrived shouldn't...
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Austin Swift Claps Back At Kanye Dissing His Sister

On a new track titled "Famous" off of his new album,  The Life of Pablo, Kanye West takes shots at Taylor Swift. He claims that he made her famous (I'm not gonna recite the lyrics, but I was...
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I Can't Solve This Word Search Puzzle

I don't know anyone named "Alan" but after this, I hate all Alans!    
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The 'Deadpool' Poster Looks Familiar

  Did the people behind these two movies really do this??? We all know that  Deadpool  & Green Lantern  BOTH star Ryan Reynolds. Well, floating around the internet...
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FIRST LOOK: Game of Thrones Season 6 Pictures Released!!

BE WARNED! SPOILERS!!!!! HBO just released a couple of stills from Season 6 of Game of Thrones and it just made us remember how awesome and twisted this show is! These were my first five...
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