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Wheel of Fortune TIE!

Never knew this was possible!
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Justin Bieber Shows the World That He's a Handful

The late night Instagram post has the world talking this weekend
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OMG! Oreo Cookie Ice Cream CONES!

Hurry up and shovel this food in my mouth!
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ANOTHER Internet Optical Illusion!

Can you figure out who is hugging who? This made my brain hurt!
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CLASSIC VIDEO: It's Flashback Friday With This YouTube Gem

Please tell me you remember the grape stomping lady?
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Check Out What You Can Do This Memorial Day Weekend

it's all here
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WATCH: James Corden & Anne Hathaway Have A Hilarious Rap Battle

"The only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry"
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Nick Jonas Flirts With Danger In His New Movie

This movie looks too good.
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WHAT!? This Man Pulled A 9.5-Ton Truck Only Using His HAIR!

Well that's a hair-ache
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VIDEO: Drunk Man Fights His Reflection

Have you been THIS drunk?
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